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Mayo Clinic Patient Portal: How do I find it?

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My tests results for COV 19

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Hello @ronaldtetzkaff, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Are you looking for your test results for a recent COVID-19 test you had done by Mayo Clinic?


If your covid-19 test was done at a Mayo Clinic you should be able to access it through your patient portal account. One test takes 4-5 days to get the results. When you had the test you were probably given a sheet with a number to call for results if you have not heard from them in such and such amount of days. I did not have my tests done at the Mayo Clinic, so cannot tell you for sure. I had one done by my county health department and one done by my orthopedist office and had to call for results from the one the health department did, The one my orthopedist office did I was called by them on the 4th day.

Welcome to Connect and if we can help you with anything please post.