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Sherman (@shermananski)

Identifying and releasing negative feelings

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Hello @shermananski

This is a great topic. I'm glad that you shared your goal for releasing negative emotions. This is a necessary to step to achieving wholeness and peace. I would like to suggest that you first make a list of your negative emotions. After you list the first negative emotion, leave the rest of the page blank. Periodically go back to the emotion and write down where it might have originated and how the original experience felt (i.e., childhood hurts, etc.). Then take time to grieve that experience and allow yourself to feel it.

I hope others will chime in with their methods of releasing negative emotions as well. I'd like to tag @jimhd, @guener, @georgette12, and @stsopoci, @merpreb, @artscaping, @gingerw, to name just a few who might be able to add to this great discussion.

What do you think about the idea of listing the emotions on a page as I suggested? Is it worth a try?

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I get super confused about emotions. My big challenge in the morning is sluggishness and … negativity. I’m irritable about my freaking phone cover. It sucks. Ummm I want help cleaning the house. It’s a lot of work. I’m disappointed with myself. There’s one! Self criticism. I think it’s one big knot.

I may have encountered a major break through. My daughter has a minor in women’s’ and gender studies. I learn sooooooomuch from them. While discussing masculine toxicity it occurred to me that it’s a phenomenon akind to gas lighting. My buried and extremely confusing emotions seem to come to light in this context. I’m bringing them to my next psychiatrist therapy appointment to discuss. It maybe the framework I need as a lot of my pain revolves around relationships with men.