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Colleen, I was very taken by your words. I have never felt so “comforted”. Validation is huge for me and for any stressed out person. I get so little of it. I often feel like I am “alone”. Partly it is my fault because I tend to be a more reserved person. I have always comforted others. This cancer has and is the biggest challenge I have experiencedin my life. I feel my life was turned upside down. It isn’t like me to become distraught but I have too much on my plate. I need to learn to deal with my new life as a cancer patient. Like it or not that is my new reality. I also have to keep on advocating for myself. Thank you so very much. Your words made me feel better. This site is proving to be like my “retreat”. I can come here and people respond to me and offer references and great support! JK, Ginger, Contentandwell, and others have been there for me! I am so grateful for this site and the wonderful people on it. I enjoyed our “tea”. 😊

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@azkidney57 Stress and anxiety are not our best friends, in fact I hesitate to call them friends at all. "With friends like that, who needs enemies", right? Like you I am pretty reserved, and to be vulnerable as we march through a scary situation, looking to count on/lean on someone, is terrifying. But I have learned that it is okay to be a bit vulnerable. I do not wear my latest cancer on my sleeve, but have let a few people know, and recovering from last week's biopsy [with complications], I found it okay to limit myself and activities. I am me, a person, not this cancer. I won't let it dictate my life, my activities, my dreams. While it may not have a real good outcome, for today I am here and making plans. You have to, to avoid falling further into anxiety or depression. Stick around here at the cyber-table with us! You're worth it. Each day can be a challenge, while being a blessing. Go for it!