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@azkidney57 I know how disheartening this is. I am not thrilled with my PCP either. I like him, but I think he leaves something to be desired as my doctor.
We do need to advocate for ourselves, I have learned that very well. If you like Mayo and it's within reach of you geographically, then do it. I am a Mass General patient but when I was waiting for a liver transplant I did have contact with Mayo. If Mass General had not come through when they did with a liver for me I was just about to list at Mayo. I had spoken to them and they seemed optimistic about my getting a transplant sooner than Mass General could. Of course I was very happy that Mass General came through for me, it's a heck of a lot more convenient since I live in southern NH.

Do what gives you the most comfort and the most confidence. I think feeling confident of our medical care makes a huge difference.

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JK yes being confident our medical team makes a huge difference. You had a liver transplant wow! That’s huge stuff! How the heck did you cope? I often wonder how people make it. I saw two friends struggle with their cancers. I always felt badly for them they had good days and bad. Both of these two wonderful women died June 2019 with 2 weeks of each other. I couldn’t go to their funerals but I was able to see them both before they died. It was so very difficult to see my my friend of many years during her finally days but I am glad I did. Cancer sucks! Thank you JK for your response. I appreciate your sharing your experience.