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@azkidney57 I can totally sympathize with you. When I look at my phone and see the enormous list of doctors I can't believe it. We just have to forge on, as difficult as that is.

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JK, my life right now revolves on my next doctor appointment, my next test, my next exam etc. etc. I am tired of being prodded and poked and “examined”. It’s all a bit too much! I had a big surgery. That was it I thought. That’s the first big medical thing that had ever happened to me. My friend keeps telling me it’s over don’t worry about it. But it’s not over! It’s like I am in a really bad nightmare that I will never wake up from! I don’t trust my cancer center. I don’t like my PCP much, no offense. I only went to see him in the past for colds or the occasional medical issue. I worry that if I develop Mets I need chemo will my cancer center be there for me? Will I have aggressively advocate for myself as a sick person? I need someone on “my side”. The Mayo Cancer Center sounds better and better. But the grass my not be greener on the other end. My friend mentioned that as well. I just know that the oncologist I met at Mayo in September impressed me. My gut told me he was okay.