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@azkidney57 Relax, take a deep breath, call your dr and get their take on this finding. As @predictable has mentioned, there are several reasons behind a cyst. No need to worry ahead of time.

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Hi Ginger the voice of reason. I must admit I did freak out when I was told I have a leision. They think it’s a complex cyst. I never spoke to my cancer center. My PCP office called me and a nurse told me I need to have an ultrasound to check out this leision/ mass/ cyst! I am just tired of not being a “healthy” person anymore. It’s like my body has betrayed me. That’s how I feel. My anxiety stems from not speaking to anyone about my concerns. It feels as if no one cares! I feel alone. Today a nurse called me from the cancer center asking me how I was. I told her I was frustrated with the “system” the medical treadmill patients are made to run. She told me I was anxious. Yes I am I replied. I have an appointment to see my oncologist next week. So this is the reality of surveillance. Just a waiting game. I wish I could be “doing” something to help myself! So I have been labeled as more anxious than the average patient. My cancer center wants me to see a social worker. As I see it I will be living my life in 4 month intervals. This “interval” I am cancer free maybe. Unless I have a liver cancer/ tumor. Next interval who knows! The more scans the more “stuff” wrong they find. I didn’t sign up for this! I need to find how to live with my new reality!