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My bronchiectasis specialist is leaving!

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Dr Griffith is there and he is excellent w/NTM I am told

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I apologize Judy. You meant that Griffin is at U Texas. I did some research and understand better why she chose Tyler. It is a University town and as such, she will be able to do the research she loves along with other doctors who specialize in NTM. I know she wants to find a definitive cause for bronchiectasis as well as antibiotics that work for just about everyone. There are few doctors with those specialties here but she can work along side of Griffin and other top notch doctors in that area at Tyler. Also I would imagine that, because it is a center for NTM disease, UT gets more grants and drug company money for research in the area of medicine she loves. Because of Skype, etc I think long distance treatment is possible but the matter of billing remains. I'm resigned that I will need to go to Tyler to see her at least once a year in order for insurance to cover her treatment. 🙁