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Spondylolisthesis and DDD

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@babette Hi, I didn't see this, the reason I didn't reply. I'm having trouble finding my way around here.
After the ordeal with the horrible pain from the Gabapentin my husband called my Dr's office and explained the situation. When I got a call back from a nurse she told me I was to continue taking it anyway. I felt talked down to like I was just an annoyance to their day. I was so stunned that I didn't stick up for myself and tell her no way, especially after reading about that med.
Unfortunately I live in a very small town in northwest Iowa and have no idea where to begin to find specialized help. I haven't been seen by a pain Dr. Just my Dr, who has sent me for three epidurals, then when the pain returned, prescribed 12 Tramadol. Otherwise I'm on my own with only Ibuprofen. My story is so long.
All I really want is a referral to a pain Dr. No more meds that I can't tolerate, no more epidurals etc. I just want to start over from today to try and find someone who will listen. I feel really stupid for telling my Dr last Friday, the 3rd, that I'd like to try PT again. That's when everything backfired. My husband has been doing most of the talking for me because I've become too depressed and am not able to express myself and what I want at this point. Sounds like it's time for me to begin seeking the help I really need on my own. That is the best advice I've been given! I hope we can keep in touch. Thank you so much!
One thing I have started making myself do is walk. It helps unless I'm in too much pain to get moving. And I have learned some PT exercises that I do that I know are safe from two PT's on You Tube, one of whom has Spondy. I think their YouTube is Bob and Brad. They're also on Facebook I think.
Sorry this got so long. I'm just so greatful I found your post.

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@spondi64 Ive just read your post. Sounds like you’ve really been thru the wringer. How have the walking and exercises been going for you? Have you found any relief for your pain?

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