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@contentandwell I did my 15 minutes on the treadmill which was a 1/2 mile. That's all I could do, and my feet screamed at every step. I don't think there is anything that is going to help the pain, so I had to make a choice. 1) Tolerate the pain or 2) Let the diabetes run rampant and kill me. So I have to choose the pain. Tomorrow I will walk 15 minutes again, regardless of the pain. I have followed my diet strictly today—no snacking and being lazy. I am determined to overcome the problem with my feet to be healthier with my diabetes.

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@retiredteacher Carol, I don't have a treadmill, I do use one at my health club, but I use a recumbent bike at home. That might be good for you since you do not have weight on your feet. I really like mine. I bought it a long time ago at Sears, it's a Schwinn. After the initial use, I gradually stopped using it but then when I was preparing for my 2017 TKR I started using it again and I do use it often. My orthopedic surgeon was very enthusiastic about recumbent bikes, but of course that was for knee therapy, but it's a good activity for anything I think. It was recommended for my brother after he had a heart attack too.