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@kateia If I could exercise, this would be a good motivation, but until I can reduce the pain in my feet so that I can exercise, I'm at a standstill, I can go back to a strict diet, but this holiday time of year is so hard for me to ignore all the delicious food we don't usually have any other time. So, I'll have to come to terms with it myself for the time being and try to re-think my situation. Thanks for your encouragement.

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Carol, whenever I have pain in my legs or feet, I make myself exercise by doing heel lifts, and sometimes I do them in the shower after I get my back warm. If it is neuropathy, the gentle exercise will decrease or stop the pain and I can get to sleep. I don't have this all the time and I find I can fight back with the heel lift exercises. Sometimes I must hang on to the counter for balance. My sister took Klonepin for years and said it was for her "restless legs" but she ate an awfully big diet and gained a lot of weight and would not cooperate with a diabetic program at all. She took lots of BP meds and I could not reason with her at all. She was very bad before she died. Dorisena

Carol, my prayers are for you and the pain in your feet. I have NEVER cut out foods that I like to eat. I have eliminated alot of bread products and added veggies to the meat instead. The holidays are going to be a challenge. Especially if you work and the "goodies" are always there. Always have snacks that you CAN have and enjoy so you're not depriving yourself. We can only take one day at a time. Yesterday doesn't count anymore. Tomorrow doesn't need to be worried about. We do what we can TODAY. If I mess up, I acknowledge it and ask God to help me do better. Watch what you are doing and how much snacking you do. I've found that most of mine is done in front of the TV. So now the TV needs to stay off. It seems like it's sending messages to me to eat and be hungry. Blessings to you.