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PBC Symptoms and dealing with extreme fatigue

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what is PBC?

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Good Morning, @khali. I notice that you have recently joined Mayo Connect , so please accept my welcome to the community. I have some familiarity with liver disease due to my own experience as a transplant recipient due to liver disease. When my PCP (primary care doctor) saw abnormal liver function lab results during a routine blood lab test, he referred me to a GI (gastroenterologist) who once suspected me to have PBC. I was eventually diagnosed with a different liver disease thru more testing.

PBC is Primary Biliary Cholangitis, previously called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. It is considered a chronic autoimmune disease in which the bile ducts in your liver are slowly destroyed.
It's not clear what causes primary biliary cholangitis. Researchers think a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It develops slowly. Medication can slow liver damage and if treatment begins early it can help prevent some specific complications. It is important to work closely with your doctor if you have been diagnosed with PBC.

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Khali, are you experiencing any abnormal liver blood labs? How can I help you?

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