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Kathleen Vogel (@vogelkm)

Possible uterine polyps

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@lioness has some very good advice regarding guarding against anemia. You won't believe this but I drove myself to the ER with a hemoglobin level of 4 when I had my bout of anemia. They made me stay there overnight and gave me transfusions. Never found out what the cause was but I still get checked every once in a while. Dr. said I probably had it come on slowly and learned to tolerate it which is why I did not just keel over. But they were shocked about my hemoglobin level and actually rechecked it because they found it hard to believe. The iron tablets should help a lot. Also you might want to check your ferritin levels. Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in your body and this test will help you to make sure you are storing iron properly if you have been mildly anemic. I think you are asking all the right questions so please take care and keep us posted.

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@baxtersmom Hemoglobin of 4? Holy cow, that's dangerous! My hematocrit and hemoglobin got very low prior to my transplant and Mass General called to tell me to get right to the local hospital. I realized afterward that they didn't want to risk my husband driving me an hour to MGH. When we got to the hospital here the ED doctor told me my counts were so low that I could have had a cardiac arrest! He sent me by ambulance to MGH. One of the doctors there told me that if her counts were that low she would have been flat on her back — when the NP called from MGH called I was just about to serve dinner to company! No one could believe that. I was tired and dragging but it was an easy dinner.

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