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Possible uterine polyps

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Thanks, @baxtersmom
I do have some mild anemia, my hemoglobin was 11 at the ER visit. But the doctors are not overly concerned because that is holding pretty steady from February when I had the IUD removed (11.1 at that time after my first long bout of bleeding, and started iron tablets at that time.) I am trying to draw hope from that fact that the biopsy showed no malignancy and that the doctors are not overly concerned, but without definitive answers I'm finding myself in the patient's dilemma of waiting with the unknowns, which are not comfortable friends.

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@vogelkm Hi I'm Lioness . I'm sorry you have to wait so long but at least you said the bleeding is not as much. As a retired nurse I use to work for the red cross and when the iron was low in a person we couldn't let them give blood so they where told to get on iron pills the naturel foods you can try also are spinach, raisins, liver . But I want to suggest to you also to make sure you are getting your electrolytes as this will make you tired also and is lost in any fluids so replace them with smart water or any other water that has the electrolytes in . Hopefully when you see the gyn they will be able to prescribe something for you or diagnose and take care of your bleeding . Good luck

@lioness has some very good advice regarding guarding against anemia. You won't believe this but I drove myself to the ER with a hemoglobin level of 4 when I had my bout of anemia. They made me stay there overnight and gave me transfusions. Never found out what the cause was but I still get checked every once in a while. Dr. said I probably had it come on slowly and learned to tolerate it which is why I did not just keel over. But they were shocked about my hemoglobin level and actually rechecked it because they found it hard to believe. The iron tablets should help a lot. Also you might want to check your ferritin levels. Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in your body and this test will help you to make sure you are storing iron properly if you have been mildly anemic. I think you are asking all the right questions so please take care and keep us posted.

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