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Failed prep for colonoscopy: What can I do?

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I have all your problems & I totally understand your situation. I had serious issues with diverticulitis Every time I had an attack I had to have a scan & go on antibiotics which almost killed me. i lost 25 pounds. So I had a colon resection. They removed the part of my colon which was the most diseased & re-attached it. I do not have a bag & I am doing quite well with the right diet which is why I suggested to you to see a Nutritionniste. You need fiber in your diet but just the right amount
When our colon gets inflamed can be because we react to certain food or even because of stress it causes scar tissue which means your colon can be narrowed in certain places; it is called a stricture or stenosis. Which is why your doctor cannot pass with a scope even a small pediatric scope (child scope) By the way my gastro wanted me to do a short colonoscopy (rectal only) to assess my situation & because my colon is narrowed like yours I got in trouble with the prep…it could not go down.. so I started to vomit it ended up with a partial blockage in agony at the ER! They had to in-tube me to get the prep out! A barium enema or hydro soluble enema where the put a contrast in your rectum & take pictures has helped me.
Try to avoid a full colonoscopy prep just eat very lightly 3 days prior the procedure & use 2 fleet enemas the 2 days prior your barium enema.
1 at night & 1 in the morning. Best of luck 🍀🍀🍀 keep us posted.

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I have Diverticulosis not Diverculitis is what the nurse said. Diverculitis is when you have infection, and I don't, just inflammation. I had no problem with the prep for my initial colonoscopy except it was unpleasant. My colon isn't narrowed, it is very stretched out from having previous episodes of constipation building up in my colon expanding my colon. It stretched it like filling a water balloon then when you let it out it's stretched out of shape and floppy. That's how she explained it. And it's also been left with many irritated pouches which should hopefully be ok, but is at a higher risk of peforating my bowel because of the number of them and the severity of the inflammation. She said the damage is already done, and there's probably not much that can be done now to undo it, but they still need to see all my colon because everyone needs a screening for colon cancer, and he also wants to see what if any damage is in the loop and on the other side of my bowelthat he couldn't get to. I didn't understand ANY of this before yesterday, and it's still very new to me, but at least I know it's nothing serious and nothing to worry about.