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@meningone – I understand that this new GI problem is overwhelming. I don’t mean to push you to make decisions- I just get passionate! All of us here in this group have gone through many different ordeals with our GI tract and like you have not always understood what’s happening.
I think I can try to explain what the doctor means by saying you have a colon of an 80 year old. You say that you have had severe constipation most of your life. When that happens the colon stretches more and more- like a pantyhose. It will also affect the ability to contract and move the stool forward. That is probably why the doctor talks about doing a colostomy- you would have a colostomy bag where the stool from small intestine empties. The colon would not have any function.
It would be good for you to have him or a nurse explain your problem in detail.
We are always here to listen!

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Since the 80 year old colon is difficult (I'm 82) and you are on My Chart that usually means your clinic hospital is using Epic for medical records..Ayo is on Epic.. you should be able to go to Mayo Emergency to get help.. I t is always better to get a referral from your local doc, but at your weight, you are walking a fine edge with little room for error.. good luck