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@meningone – I agree with @jackiem95 You should see a gastroenterologist at a major hospital or university hospital where they see many more patients with complicated intestinal illness than in a smaller town. I understand it will be difficult to get to such a hospital, but this might be the time you have to do that. Most insurances cover second opinions. There are other ways to examine your colon, such as capsule colonoscopy. I had that once. You swallow a capsule with a tiny camera that can see inside the colon. However, doctors at these major hospitals also have more experience performing difficult colonoscopies. You need a diagnosis now.

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Please understand that I'm not trying to be negative towards any of your responses. I'm just still having a hard time understanding why this is suddenly important. I've lived with stomache issues and pain most all my life and I don't know why it's suddenly turned to something "serious". Well, the Dr. didn't say it was anything serious.He just wants a complete colonostomy.I think? I'm just trying to figure out what a "colon of an 80 yr old" means to help me mke a decision if I should even go through with this barium procedure, seek another procedure, or just wait and try to get my bowels moving normally and maybe try for another colonoscopy in a few months. If I could understand what he was saying about my bowels, I could make a more informed decision. I honestly appreciate your responses soooooo much. Please continue to respond as you feel led, but I'm still just as confused as before. LOL! I'm so sorry. I guess it's because I've never been to a gastro Dr. and know nothing about any of this. I've always been told there was nothing wrong with me when I sought help for my bowel issues and pain.