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Stuck: Lost All Ambition

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 27, 2020 | Replies (44)

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@blue99 and @kleelibby I have had the same problem as you two. I have finally found a doctor who has been able to help me. He stuck with me and saw that I got the right meds. Some people are immune to certain SSRI's due to a gene. Then there are people like me that do not digest the meds well. The older we get the more inefficient our digestive systems get. Thus older people may need a larger dosage. I take about 3 times the normal amount. If your doctors are not helping then find one who is willing to keep on trying until they find the answer. Keep us informed in your progress. We care for people here.

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@johnhans, I have read that a genetic test can now be used to determine what meds will metabolize well for individuals. I plan on setting this up for my daughter. She has only tried one med and it works only half way. My heart breaks for everyone who suffers with depression and other mental illness. I hope that cures are on the way. I know that Mayo Clinic in Rochester is working very hard on that. Hugs to you all!