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Hello @theshewolf1 and welcome to Mayo Connect!

I am glad that @rosemarya's post was helpful to you. It sounds like you deal with a lot of different problems related to the closed head injuries you received while in the military.

Here are some other Connect conversations that you might find helpful, just click on the link and you can read and respond to the posts of other Members,
We also have a conversation on Connect about how to approach a new specialist in the most effective way. While it addresses visiting a new specialist, I think it is a helpful guide for any doctor's appointment. Here is a link to that discussion,
@theshewolf1, What is the worst symptom that you are trying to get help with?

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Hey T to answer your question about the worst symptom OMG!
Do I only get one?
I won’t drag this out I just want to say that over the year since the low D was detected I keep thinking about watching and experiencing major changes and actually told my doctors “ you would think that I was making a big deal about a splinter in my little finger. My fear I believe is happening which is this: over time things get worse and some morph into other things. Some new things pop up and some old things just get worse and worse. I’ve actually though that I’m fading away