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I appreciate your reply and I am trying to get my team of docs on the same page. As a retired soldier, I suffered quite a bit of head trauma so my migraines are horrible and the blackouts/seizures are back with a vengeance. I take a boat load of meds; however, my endocrinologist is working on removing several and adding one.

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Hello @theshewolf1 and welcome to Mayo Connect!

I am glad that @rosemarya's post was helpful to you. It sounds like you deal with a lot of different problems related to the closed head injuries you received while in the military.

Here are some other Connect conversations that you might find helpful, just click on the link and you can read and respond to the posts of other Members,
We also have a conversation on Connect about how to approach a new specialist in the most effective way. While it addresses visiting a new specialist, I think it is a helpful guide for any doctor's appointment. Here is a link to that discussion,
@theshewolf1, What is the worst symptom that you are trying to get help with?

@theshewolf1, I think that understand what you are saying about trying to get all of your docs on the same page. In a perfect world that would happen without you having to intervene, However in today's world, with all of the complex tests and medical medical records, there can be an overload of medical information to be discussed in a relatively short office visit. That is why the list has served me well. It has even served me well at most of my doctor visits. If you and your endocrinologist are working to remove and to add medications, you might find it helpful to record any related symptoms that you observe. Then share with the endocrinologist next visit.
Another thing that has been a big hit with a cardiologist that I was referred to, was when I took a list of questions that I had written on a piece of paper. When the attending nurse saw them, she asked for them and then gave them to the doctor before he came in to see me. Would you believe that he read them before he came in to see me, and he answered each question for me! He is my choice of a cardiologist if I ever need one!

I really hope that you find some relief from what you are suffering as a result of the head trauma.
Has anyone looked at the list of your medications? Would you consider asking the endocroninologist to take a look to be sure that they are safe to use in combination?