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@stuckonu I'm not comfortable with the idea of taking that large of a dose of Vit. D without a physician's approval. Please talk with your doctor before increasing the Vit. D.

A problem with the parathyroid, hyperparathyroidism, can cause low Vit. D levels along with other problems. Here is some information about hyperparathyroidism (please remember that the parathyroid is a different gland than the thyroid gland even though they are close in proximity).

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T, maybe one of the problems with the long replies is that things get missed. I did say that the doctor sent me a letter along with 50 k if D2 ( quantity 13, one a week until gone. I also mentioned that he did not include a follow up blood draw. I’ve sent him a “ secured message “ on our in house system similar to the charting systems that are very popular these days in most hospitals
( my chart ) his nurse wrote back informing me to go to any VA facility and there will be two orders in there: one for a D draw and another for a B12 draw.
I’ve mentioned to them that they do not “ keep a finger on the pulse “ which is so sadly true that I wonder if pushed if it wouldn’t be seen as a form of malpractice. Not that I would do that but how does one get the attention of those who are not doing proper follow-ups. Just saying….