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Hi again Teresa, yes I did see your mention of the endocrinologist. Sorry I didn’t include that part of the story. I think I can keep this part short. I called the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins basic customer service line and told them that I was told that I had a major D deficiency and I wanted to know which specialist would best be suited to answer my questions because I had read “ endocrinology AND hematology “ could someone there tell me which specialty would best be suited to address my questions. In both cases the operator transferred me to someone else for me to repeat my question along with why I was not sure. In both cases I was told that they would get back to me. So far no one has returned my call. It’s been over a week. So do you know for sure the endo is the best place to ask?
Not one of 4 PCP docs have suggested a referral. And as I mentioned in one of my epic posts my VA PCP who I basically like and think that he’s a good doctor for the most part took over an hour with me on my last visit and although he took a blood test I think he did it like walking up to a roulette table and putting all of your money on a 50/50 bet : red/black odd/even because he knew that with all of the D that I’ve been taking that the odds were on his side that I was no longer low. He lost the bet and sent me a letter along with 50,000 units of D2
He also told me that someone wrote a book about low D and it turns out that the author didn’t have the best credentials to write such a book and furthermore much that has been written about is not based on “ real scientific studies “ So he thinks that most D worries are based on pseudo science.
So what would you think of getting 50k of D in the mail with no plan or schedule for a follow up blood draw.
I thank you once again so much for caring to reply and comment. If you think or better yet know that endo is where I need to go I will ask around and attempt to make my own appointment. In Florida it’s getting near impossible to make an appointment with anyone except a PCP or family physician. Is this a sign of the way medicine is headed?
I know that this is already long but I would like to include a part of my theory on how and why things change. In short there are little changes that most people don’t see and they especially do not recognize how this one piece fits into the bigger picture. Over time no one even knows what you’re talking about. Not only do I think that I’m into something I think it’s so important to understanding so many major things from weather, healthcare, politics, and relationships.
I think that I have a responsibility to share what I know and what I think and feel.
I’m working on a screen play and I mentioned to my therapist a short documentary. She is immediately excited by my idea and a sketch of what it will look like.
I will announce to you here and now my working title. You are the first to hear it beside my therapist: the working title is called :
You need to think of the title as a broad expansion of the words.
What do you think of the title and the idea?

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@stuckonu I'm not comfortable with the idea of taking that large of a dose of Vit. D without a physician's approval. Please talk with your doctor before increasing the Vit. D.

A problem with the parathyroid, hyperparathyroidism, can cause low Vit. D levels along with other problems. Here is some information about hyperparathyroidism (please remember that the parathyroid is a different gland than the thyroid gland even though they are close in proximity).

@stuckonu I don't really know how IU translates to mg but after having a vitamin D test showing that my D was borderline low my PCP prescribed vitamin D2 50,000IU (ERGO). I checked with my transplant department and they said it was fine. I am only to take it once a week. Just now it occurred to me though, isn't D3 what a person is supposed to take to supplement calcium?