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@gingerw you are so right…the list shouted at me this morning also. I'll bet you really have some great memories working on the Rose Parade float. Even though I grew up in Southern California, all of my memories of the Rose Parade were from getting up early as a kid and watching it on TV – first one I saw was at my neighbors house on a black and white TV. Still was amazing through. So many good points in the list that what sticks out for me can change each time I read it depending on what memories pop into my head.

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@johnbishop Usually I worked the grunt stuff of cutting flowers up or covering components with seeds, several days ahead. On New Year's Day itself, up super early to go to the ocean or mountains for dawn ritual, then back to apartment to watch the coverage on KTLA, snacking on ranch dip with veggies. We watched on a black-and-white TV also, as a kid. We only got 2 channels back then.