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Mako TKR in one month; had stem cell, PRP

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Hello, anyone there?

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Hi, @saeternes Welcome to Connect.
I have had two TKRs, I know the first was not Mako, but in looking at the info about my second orthopedic surgeon I noticed that he seems to do Mako so I’m not sure if that one was or not. I think he would have told me if it was so I suspect it was not. My recovery was great, Mako or not.

As you mentioned, I believe that @debbraw had Mako on her TKR last winter so I have tagged her so she can contribute. I do know a woman who had it and she had an amazing recovery.

You have had a series of mishaps with your knee so I hope that your surgery will get you back on track and out of pain. When is your surgery scheduled? You must be looking forward to the relief it will provide. I hope you will keep us apprised of your progress, I look forward to hearing about it.