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Moving Forward with Diabetes

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I hope the pump works. I've read that there are adults that are being diagnosed as Type 1 instead of Type 2. I have a friend that is type 2 and is on 3 different insulins, plus a pill for her diabetes and she still struggles with highs and lows. She's only eating 30 carbs/day. I'm trying not to use any meds. I'm trying to use no more than 30 carbs/meal. Snacking is a protein/carb mix. What frustrates me is that I have to do most of the cooking myself so it's a real treat to go out to eat then my husband and I usually share a meal. Today I made myself a beef enchilada that uses a new bread product that I've found. It's called Joseph's lavash bread, multi grain. The size is 12 x 8 similar to a tortilla. It has 14 g carbohydrate, 3 g fiber, 1g sugar, 9g protein and 3g fat. I didn't know how it would hold up in the oven stuffed with meat. It's held up really well and tastes great!!! I'm anxious to see if there is a change with the vitamins!! God bless your week.

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everybody body is different but I know that I had to stop eating the rice and bread I only eat maybe a couple maybe one spoon and after that I actually fast twice a week with just water and it helps it has been so helpful my doctor help me with that so that's how I got where is been the numbers been going down and I'm so happy with that because I was always like in the 600's and the 700 and now like 200 sometime at 100s I'm going to keep trusting God and I will keep you in my prayer again you can email me at anytime