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Moving Forward with Diabetes

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Beautiful picture!!! I'm with you, I get so frustrated trying to find my way with Type 2 diabetes. I'm trying to control it by myself. Just diagnosed this summer. It really has been a struggle and having someone to share ideas with is awesome. I try to read as much as I can without getting hoodwinked into trying this method or that method. Basically I stick with trying to eat right, write everything down, exercise, and keep track of my numbers. Worked really well for two months when the newness wore off and the "I'm tired of doing this" began. I'm trying to start each day with a new attitude, believing that God will get me through the day, doing the best that I can. Right now I'm checking to see what supplements that I can add that will help in lowering my glucose levels. The two that I'm going to try are: magnesium and B-12 complex vitamins. I'll do each separately and watch to see what it does to my numbers. Probably will go two weeks using magnesium and then starting the B-12. I'm also going to make an appointment to have my teeth cleaned and checked as having gum disease can be a big one to affect numbers. I would LOVE to visit back and forth with you and share ideas. I pray you are not leaving this forum.

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Yess im trusting God too. They kept saying i was type 2 all the time and hundreds of hospital stays finally they said im type 1 the cgm monitor and the pump putting it in my stomach im so tired but God is giving me strength. But keep up with your vitamins and your vitamin D is so important but we can talk anytime

I am not sure that supplements will aid in lowering blood sugar. They may help if you are not eating balanced meals and are deficient in something, however. When I gave up all bread I felt bad so I thought I was missing B-12 in my diet, so I went back to limited multi-grain bread and felt somewhat better. But only limiting the carbs and exercising more lowers my blood sugar. Also I am now living a life with relatively less stress and no pain meds which definitely keeps blood sugar from rising. Insulin shots lower blood sugar but it rises again especially if you eat big portions as I have always done. Metformin helps a little but it sometimes makes me nauseous in the morning before breakfast. One of my goals is to get off it if I can. I also try to lose some weight and keep busy on my good days. Dorisena

kateia: I’m not an expert but I don’t think either of those will directly effect your blood sugar levels. Magnesium will help lower your blood pressure (careful as too much will give you diarrhea), and vitamin b12 will help your blood flow to lower chance of diabetic complications for your feet.

The best chances of natural supplements to lower your blood sugar that I’ve found: cinnamon, berberine, and turmeric. Each might work for one person for a time, but may not work for someone else. It also depends where you are in your diabetes progression.

However, I’ve found the best chances to lower your blood sugar levels are good choice lower carb meals of reasonably smaller amounts (think of a 10-12 oz meal size), plenty of water, and a regular exercise routine. The regular exercise will really help smooth out your numbers.

Hope this helps!