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Living Donor, maybe?

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That is such a remarkable thing to do. My husband is going through the process now to get on the list to get a transplant. It's a tough process and dialysis gets a bit tougher each day as his health fails. His sons are his only living relatives and don't qualify to donate, so now we wait. Our prayers that everyone who needs a transplant will get one.
Thank for wanting to help others.

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@beachpatti, I wish I could drop by in to accompany you during this difficult time. I am a liver/kidney recipient due to liver failure and acute kidney failure. I was on dialysis for a short period of time until I received my own transplant from a deceased anonymous donor. And I understand how you, your husband and your entire family are feeling right now. I am available and willing to hold your hand virtually, talk to you, locate information etc. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything, and I will either answer from my experience,or try to connect you with another member who might have experienced a similar issue.

I would like to share some discussion groups that you might want to review. Remember this:- I invite you to join in any discussion.. If you click on the link, you will be taken directly to the discussion. I am happy to meet you there.
-Finding a Living Donor
-Waiting for a kidney transplant
-Pre -Transplant Diet and Exercise Ideas
I also want to introduce you to the Mayo Clinic Transplant Pages where the transplant staff regularly posts updates in the Newsfeed Section about many transplant related issues. You might have already seen that I have provided some links in a previous post.

-Staying Positive While Waiting for a Transplant is one that I wrote.
-Pages > Transplant > Newsfeed contains many topics about transplantation.
@beachpatti, Do you have any questions as your husband undergoes his evaluation? I know that as his caregiver, this is equally difficult for you. How are you holding up?