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@kdm1028 Thank you so much for sharing your story and knowledge with me, glad your son is doing well and still enjoying the things he loves. Was it a hard decision as a parent to keep letting him play? My son currently does not have HCM but is gene positive like I said.( he has a chance of not developing) I’m struggling on making a decision to let him continue football, or taking something he loves away and take the chance of it harming his mental health. I’m hoping the doctors will work with me like your son did and just not take him away from living a normal life. We do see a great HCM cardiologist. Once again thank you so much for sharing.

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My son didn't have any symptoms of HCM until he was 28 years old. That is why a one time good report on does not mean that he couldn't develop this later in life. My sister didn't have any noticeable symptoms until she was 49 years old. Having yearly check-ups with the HCM cardiologist is very important! My son's cardiologist is allowing him to continue sports for now, because of the measurements they were able to get on the heart MRI and also because they were happy with the results of the heart monitor he wore while playing softball. In my opinion, a good decision without a MRI cannot be made. My son will have yearly MRIs to monitor the thickening. Each year the cardiologist will make a decision based on that, whether or not he can continue with his sports.