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@staypositive. A few weeks have passed since you posted this, I apologize for the delay in my response. How has this situation progressed since you posted the discussion? Have things changed? You noted some potential signs of addiction, but approaching someone with concerns can certainly be perceived as an attack, even if it is coming from a place of love and concern.

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@JustinMcClanahan After alot of consideration, I contacted her mom, whom I only have met a handful of times. Approached it as caring and carefully as possible to let her know of her daughter's pain and 2 requests to me for pain meds during the week. Expressed I was not comfortable providing prescription meds when no doctor ordered them. When she strongly agreed, I then expressed concern that by that time I was aware of 5 others she had asked as well over the past year. At that point, her mom acknowledged a previous history for her daughter having a hard time getting off pain meds due to repetitive surgeries and other complications. Her mom then got involved again that very evening to address it. I made my son aware after that. Couple days later, I spoke with my future daugther-in-law and she says she doesnt have an addiction, her mom showed up while there and i could tell her mom is taking this seriously. At this point I have stepped away from the topic as I feel those are the 2 closest to her to work thru next steps. Sounded like her mom was going to go to doctor with her daughter a few days later. Hoping and praying that they are figuring it out. If you have other suggestions would love to hear them….

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