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Solitary kidney health

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@azkidney57 I cannot speak to living with one kidney, but my mother had one kidney removed when I was nine years old. That was over sixty+ years ago. Back in those old days, there were no specialists in the town in which we lived. We had a family doctor, a surgeon, and an ob/gyn, and they were our friends. I do not know why they decided to remove a kidney; I do remember them saying it didn't work and was not formed correctly. But she had the surgery, and back in the old days she was in the hospital at least ten days. My dad hired a private nurse for her, and then she came home and was cared for at home until she was able to get around. We always had a maid to take care of the cooking and household chores, so no problem there. From that time forward she lived without incident with one kidney and I never remember that she had any problems as a result. I recall the surgeon saying the one good kidney would take over and function efficiently, and it did. My mother lived to age 78. Her kidney was fine when they did the autopsy. I tell you all of this so that you know that a person with one kidney can live a long life; she did and never worried about the situation. I wish you well.

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Thank you for comforting message.

Thank you Carol that is reassuring to hear about your mom living with a solitary kidney. It helps me to hear experiences like this. I appreciate your reply!

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