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late onset of menopause

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I actually came across something this afternoon when looking for something else on laparoscopic surgery. It is a blog that a gynecological surgeon from Australia posts regarding various issues in his field. His name is Andreas Obermair and he posted a blog where he pointed out some of the benefits of late onset menopause. His point was that even though there is a slight increase in the risk of ovarian and breast cancer due to estrogen production for a longer period of time, there is a decrease in risk of stroke and heart disease. He summarized some research showing that women who have longer reproductive lives are more likely to live well into their 90's. So it is not all bad news for sure.
Here is a link to the article/blog https://www.obermair.info/latest-news/blog/late-onset-menopause/

I do recall that there are some medical issues that can cause later menopause including thyroid issues and being overweight. Have you had a complete physical recently including checking your thyroid?

I feel sure that there will be some folks on here who will see your post and have more to offer than I do. The Moderators are more familiar with a lot of the Mayo resources than I am as I have only been Mentoring for a little less than a year. After your post is up for a while I would think you will get some additional perspectives from others.

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Thank you Gail- I found the article frightening and reassuring all at the same time. I do get a complete physical every year and other than high LDL (bad) cholesterol the but high (100+) HDL (good)cholesterol and very low triglycerides, the doctors don't seem too worried. I Exercise a lot but always had a belly (wine?) so I am a little overweight. My BMI is 29 but I do have a lot of muscle. The thyroid thing is interesting though. I had my thyroid removed in 1991 and have been on Synthroid ever since. Levels are checked yearly. I wonder if there is any connection.