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Cochlear implant for single sided deafness

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Hi @btpanda, I moved your question about the pros and cons of a Cochlear Implant vs CROS hearing aids for single-side deafness to this discussion that @golden418 started. Click VIEW & REPLY to read through the past messages.

I'm also tagging @editored @julieo4 @bobbiefriend @golden418 and @imallears as I believe they have experiences with Phonak CROS or Bi-CROS to share and thoughts on the questions you ask about surgery or the possible drawbacks to CROS.

I know you've been following @lizzy102's posts in the discussion:
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golden418 here – I am now on my second pair of the phonax CROS hearing aids. The first pair were so so – the second ones are much better. In my case they allow me to hear from my deaf side although eco locating (at least in my case) is still problematic (truthfully non existent). In reality I think it had caused me to lean more on my good ear (which I also have significant loss – the left ear aid serves as a conventional aid) as I have been deaf in my right ear since age 4 (meningitis) and I believe that now 58 years later my brain is wired to perceive all sound from my left side. The big advantage for me is when I am driving – I now can hear conversation that I never could before (left good ear to the window) – it is to me a huge improvement to hear my grandkids talking while I am driving them around. Not sure if deafness later in life may have more of an advantage with the bi-cros. I also do not have to worry , as much as I use to, on where I sit in a group of people (favoring my left side to a group) – it would have been great to have had that throughout my life. I would recommend anyone with single sided deafness to utilize this technology.