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Baker’s or popliteal cyst

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Hi @terryescobar and welcome to the Joint Replacements group on Mayo Clinic Connect. I moved your message to this existing discussion about Baker's or popliteal cyst so that you can meet others who share this experience like @ellerbracke @candrgonzalez @artscaping @charlena and @IndianaScott.

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Terry, you mention that you "couldn't/didn't do the therapy that is required." Was it the pain or fear of pain that held you back? Are you generally an active person or was/is getting active hard to do?

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Thanks for the move, and the info! I would have to say it was both the pain AND the fear of pain. I've always been a very active person – loved walking, gardening, landscaping, etc. And I always considered myself a tough ol' broad (I'm 67). I expected knee replacement to be a breeze, like everyone else's! I spent 5 days in the hospital, a pitiful mess because it hurt so much, and I was on so much pain meds that I remember very little of those 5 days. It's been a journey, for sure. I'm about to resign myself to it being as good as it's going to get, which makes me sad. I'll read the articles, and I thank you!

oh, it was SO very painful … I've always been an active person.

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