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Baker’s or popliteal cyst

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I just joined this group; looking forward to reading the discussions. I had a TKR a year and a half ago. Two months after the surgery, I developed a Baker's Cyst. It was drained twice, with no results. Seven months after surgery, I had arthroscopic surgery to try to drain it, and manipulate scar tissue. It seemed to work, but two weeks later, back to swelling behind the knee. I now have only a 90 degree bend, it's always swollen, and sometimes quite painful. I had a TKR on the other knee a year before the second knee, and it only has a 90 degree bend, too. Very frustrating. I had extreme pain with both knees, and couldn't/didn't do the therapy that is required. I'm wondering if scar tissue can still be broken up, if I get really aggressive with massage, exercise, etc.? Would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

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Hi @terryescobar and welcome to the Joint Replacements group on Mayo Clinic Connect. I moved your message to this existing discussion about Baker's or popliteal cyst so that you can meet others who share this experience like @ellerbracke @candrgonzalez @artscaping @charlena and @IndianaScott.

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Terry, you mention that you "couldn't/didn't do the therapy that is required." Was it the pain or fear of pain that held you back? Are you generally an active person or was/is getting active hard to do?

Welcome! @terryescobar. I received a tag from Colleen about your Baker's Cyst. My first one was drained and returned. When I had a TKR the following year on that knee, the Baker's Cyst disappeared and never returned. That's good because it was troublesome.

This is an easy procedure with little discomfort. The problem is, as long as there is an injury to the knee, it will keep coming back to help out.

My right knee now has an "inherited" Baker's Cyst and it keeps getting bigger. However, the knee, complete with a major meningus tear is not painful. My MFR therapist is concerned that everything is out of alignment in the fascial world and will become painful. So, I am thinking about what to do myself. Drainage or removal.

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