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Cancer Treatment Induced Heart Disease

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Hi again Inali, as I read more about CAD and RIHD, I learn more. It seems my article about the "bypass various blood vessels" did NOT seem a good fit for what you are experiencing. So, I apologize for sending that post reply to you a day or so ago.//Starting over and my questions for you, being much further down this road than me. It seems my RIHD/CAD will get worse. I'm trying to figure out some in advance what I'll agree to and not agree to from Drs based on long-term results. I'd hate to have to wait until a full-blown heart attack to do something. But, at least then, it sounds like the Coronary Arteries (CAs) would be intact enough for Bypass surgery. That's where I felt heartened (Pun?) about "bypass various blood vessels" article. But, for you with your bad stent experience, further heart surgery and/or procedures is not for you. I DO hear you and know that you know your own body best, of course. I am just scared about the stent option being a bad one for me too and hurt my surgery chances down the line. SO, here are my questions for you if you'd be so kind as to consider answering them: 1. How long ago did you have your stents inserted? (It sounds like the most recent medication laced stents have less side effects and cause less inflammation) . 2. Did you feel pain because of the stent(s) in coronary arteries? 3. Did you have a heart attack before having the stent(s) inserted? 4. Would you advise people to avoid or shun having stents put in, period, due to your own experiences? 5. When arteries are severely clogged and Drs. suggest angioplasty and stents, are there ALTERNATIVES you know of that I could request instead? I would appreciate anything you could tell me since I'm feeling very anxious about my future too, off and on (soon, I'll head out the door for a walk which will at least relax me some). Hope your day is good. Marti

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Hi Marti,
The stents did not prove to be an impediment to my recent open heart surgery. Since my RCA is 100% blocked, the surgeons hoped to be able to do a CABG while in there. While they harvested a vein from my left leg in preparation for the bypass, in the end they were unable to do it. Apparently there was nothing to bypass to. The vessels are either too small or too occluded. Anyway, my point is that – in my case at least – the existence of stents seemed to have no bearing on the surgery.

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