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@thumperguy …Hi Don….I just happened upon your post to ACK asking for my recipe for fermenting sauerkraut. Just a mention that if you write @alleycatkate before your post it will direct the post to the person. I also noticed your interest in T. Colin Campbell, etc. The China Study is my bible. haha. So…here is the recipe that takes the Fear out of Fermenting…I like it as it has pictures and even I cannot screw it up!
Any other Silver Bullets in your arsenal?
Kate aka ACK

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At 80 I spend what is likely an inordinate amount of time trying to stay fit and healthy. Believing that walking is to fitness what compost is to a garden, I “Mallwalk” 3 x weekly, do a resistance routine also 3 x weekly. Also generally begin the day with a bit of Iyngar “tinctured” Yoga. Exclusively low-fat, whole-food, plant-based way-of-eating since 2007. Wrote a blog-like piece on plant-based nutrition for several years until I ran out of material to write about.
Thanks for the kraut info. Enuf for now. Don

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