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Hearing Aid Complications

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Hi, I don’t have eczema but I do get itchy dry ears. Been wearing allergenic molds for years and currently have a soft left mold and a hard shell right mold with my BTEs. My ENT suggested that I use Mineral oil ….daily is okay. I bought a large bottle and a smaller bottle with a dropper. Sometimes I put a drop in at night and very often just swab around the outer ear before inserting them in the morning. It’s just like using a moisturizer and has helped with itchiness.
Ears get more moist, especially here in the south, so I have to swab them out with a tissue once or twice during the day.
The ears are not getting enough air when we wear custom snug fitting molds and dryness and itchiness will always be a problem. I also use a manual ear drier (a bulb like thing) that swimmers use for swimmers ear. When going to the beauty parlor, I put Vaseline onto cotton and use them as plugs.
Helps not to get the canals wet . You could also have some allergy to hair products that lack of air will make worse.

I’ve been using the mineral oil for years. It doesn’t build up..just gets absorbed into the skin. Ant drugstore has it. And I have less ear infections…something which I am prone to.

Try it….it might help. It’s awfully uncomfortable to have problematic ears and hard to ignore. I would not want to be on steroids for any length of time except for a severe episode.

FL Mary

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Thank you. I will try the mineral oil. I do have a product called Miracell, I think its called and it is a oil of sorts but I terrible about remembering to use it. I will also look into the ear drier that you mentioned as my ears are so uncomfortable and just a little scratch when they itch unbearably sets off a very undesirable chain reaction of wet, gooey and more itchy ears which sometimes leads to painful infections.