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Flu shot and Diabetes

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I tried to figure the best place to post this and could not find another area mentioning flu shots, nor an appropriate group to post under so I am posting here.

I got my flu shot this week at Walgreens. When the pharmacist was giving it to me she told me that she had three high-dose shots left and there were three people waiting! I was lucky. I got in just ahead of them. My husband has not had his so I asked her when she would have more in. She told me, hopefully by the end of October but there’s a shortage this year so maybe they won’t get any more. She said if he can’t get the high-dose that they really have not proved that it is more effective than the regular one, so just get that.

Then I had to go to CVS to pick up my immunosuppressants – they get delivered there from the CVS specialty pharmacy in Boston. I asked that pharmacist if they had any left and he said they ran out last week! He too was unsure if they would get more.

So, if you can’t get the high-dose more than likely the regular one will be fine.

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@contentandwell I think this is a perfect place to tell about the shortage of shots since I titled this post Flu Shots and Diabetes. It doesn't have to be just about Diabetes, but anything, as the newsletter said. It reminds people and adds another dimension—not just for diabetics. So, knowing that you discovered a shortage is a good addition for anyone who has a health compromise or even for healthy people. The news last night reported that the CDC expects a larger number of cases that are more severe this year. We all need to get the shot unless there is a reason not to. I'm glad you got yours and hope your hubby can get his. The lower dose is better than nothing, but maybe the pharmacies will get the senior shot in.