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I also have osteoarthritis in every joint including neck and jaw issues plus tendinitis of both shoulders. My feet are the most painful. After multiple injuries and surgeries I'm also hobbling. Currently under control enough to not take medication. However I have fibro and my long muscles in right thigh and both upper arms. Doctors tell me that duh I don't know what to do. QiGong healing form had been wonderful to relieve tightened muscles. However I have no transportation and the senior bus and Center are not operating. Ayurvedic medicine is helpful but it's difficult to put power spices ginger turmeric and cayenne in foods everyday. When I do my fingers are warm and less painful.Frankly no lotion or cream doesn't do anything but warm the painful areas. Recently I looked up the OTC preparations mentioned and the prices. Too much for too little. As mentioned earlier I also learned how to do the hand flowing motion and it helps. Living alone with a shelter pup she's a therapy dog and makes me walk outside every day. Right now I'm limping with a sprained ankle and ligament previously injured. I do have a question. What is there that works for fibro?

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@lolaemma I also have O.A. all through me plus fibromyalgia since the 90,s What I have found that helps me is doing isometric exercises first then light exercise . I learned this at a fibro clinic when I first got it . Since then Epsom salts do wonders , a hot shower when you hurt all over, Emu oil ointment , Amish Arthritis cream is also good . I have Tramadol when I just cant stand the pain. Aleve helps otherwise. Ice for O.A. Hope some of this helps you Its just a number of tools you have to find which helps you . I found on youtube a lot of Qigong and Tai Chi which is what I do . Hope you find what will work for you. Good luck