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Does anyone have experience with SI Joint Injections?

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@ashby1947 I've had three back surgeries and I was scheduled for surgery to have my SI joint screwed to my pelvic bone. This was three years ago and I canceled the surgery the day after I went in for the pre-op. I told them I didn't want to have that done until I can no longer walk. It's a surgery that I've heard so many pros and cons so I'm happy that I didn't follow through with the surgery. My joint slips out and I have a great chiropractor that puts it back in place. I live with back pain every day and standing for long periods or walking any distance bring on more pain. I'm not one to take pain pills and usually only take Advil. I have muscle relaxers from my last surgery that I've taken every couple months, usually after doing too much gardening. The pills are 5 years old and I'm not sure how effective they are. I've done numerous injections and have quit doing those. I could only have 3 a year and they started wearing off after just a couple weeks. I'm 71 and had my first back surgery for a herniated disc when I was 56. The second surgery was to put in rods and screws and the last surgery was to put in a cage at the top of my rods. I can truly relate to what you're going through. Back pain can be so debilitating and I refuse to let it stop me but it sure has slowed me down.

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Hi Pines – You're still doing some gardening! Good for you. I had to give that up years ago and truly miss it. Oh well, we all make adaptations to our activities. I had L4-5 disc removed at 26 when it ruptured. I had pretty good years thereafter with a few exacerbations. I've always been an athlete and have exercised in one form or another daily. Now, it is pretty much just walking; however, I love to walk and it helps to keep my body, mind, and soul nourished. Over the past year, I've gone from a walk of 45 minutes/day to not walking. I hope after the injection tomorrow, I can rebuild my strength and get back to walking. Of course, at this age, we never get back to where we were but rather create a new normal. It is difficult to have such limitations because of my body… it used to do whatever I wanted it to! But I just want to be the best that I can be and gain as much function as possible. So, I, and I think we all, have to be positive and optimistic as we explore what options we have available to us. But we must be vigilant and aggressive with the medical community, because ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves. I hope this is a good day! Sue