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fdixon63 (@fdixon63)

Began IV CefTAZidime and Toby

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 30, 2019 | Replies (5)

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fdixon63 I started toby in March of this year. I'm on my 6th round of it (for 2 weeks). Toby hasn't yet seemed to help me; however, I was told upfront it would take a few months and of course I'm doing only the two week/on/on program versus the 28 day. I nebulize twice daily with albuterol followed by 3% saline. No, I've never been prescribed the antibiotic you are using. I'll be interested in whether that works for you. I cough horribly — that's my problem. Lots of green phlegm. Don't know if this info helps but you are welcome to ask anything you'd like.

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Wondering why continue Toby after six rounds and it is not helping. Seems we have to devote our daily lives/routines around treatments and sterilizing. We get finished with one thing and launch into another. Don't know how folks would be able to hold down a job with all this going on. My husband and I are retired but would like to go on a trip, etc. but with PICC line and nebulizing we're stuck for now. Waiting to see if I will be able to get the PICC line out after 2 weeks. My voice is now mostly squeaky and cuts in and out like a short circuit. Urg…