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I’m a city girl so I live within driving distance of most things. This new neurologist has great reviews online so I’m hoping that I’ll have the same good experience as his other patients. If not, I’ll look into finding one at the university hospital.

Thanks for the meditation advice. Interestingly, my pastor mentioned a similar technique at church this morning (though he didn’t call it meditation). I like the suggestion to focus on a Bible verse. I have a couple in mind that have always seemed to comfort me during stressful, sad, or scary times.

Thank you again for taking time to reply and for providing helpful advice. It means more to me than I can express with words.


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I'm glad that you found it helpful. You know the story of the casting out of demons, and the failure to fill his mind with the spirit of God. That's why I don't go along with the first step of meditation, the emptying of the mind.

One morning during my stay at the safe house, I woke up with the word "abandoned", and I spent some time that day thinking about those who have abandoned me during my 55 years. One of the first conclusions was that God had never abandoned me. I know that that was, and still is, a key part of my recovery. One of my favorite hymns is "Great Is Thy Faithfulness".

He'll be faithful to you during this time in your life.