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@kiro0001, Good morning. Did you have tests scheduled for October 17? I am just wondering if you are willing to share the results with me. If you are still waiting, then I can only guess at the anxiety of not knowing. I have been there and know how our minds can play with uncertainty. Thinking of you and wishing for you a day of peace and ease. Chris

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Hi, Chris. Thanks so much for following up with me. I did have my tests. The EMG was normal but the NCS showed sensory damage in left leg. However, I’ve experienced new symptoms (muscle twitching, water dripping sensations, sporadic shooting pain) in my other leg. When I explained this to the neurologist, he all but shrugged and gave me a follow up appointment for bloodwork that is scheduled for January. My husband and I were not impressed with this neurologist at all. Also, anxiety and depression has set in and I was not getting any sleep, which was making me even more anxious at work and at home. I reached out on this forum and took someone’s suggestion to discuss my psychological issues with my PCP. She prescribed Amitriptyline 25mg at night to help with sleep and depression. She also referred me to a different neurologist that I am scheduled to see December 4th. So the waiting game continues. At this point, I’m not experiencing consistent pain and I’m getting restful sleep so there’s my silver lining for now. Also, I’m in the process of finding a therapist and I’m attempting (and failing) meditation. I may try group meditation until I get the hang of it. Thanks again for reaching out and any advice is appreciated.

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