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Rude or just can’t hear?

Hearing Loss | Last Active: Oct 1, 2019 | Replies (22)

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Speaking as a hearing person, I appreciate being told when a person cannot hear me.

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Thanks for your comment and I bet you are the type of person who tries to be inclusive and doesn’t forget that someone you know is always struggling to hear. The posts by @tonyinmi ,@joyces and @arrowshooter give you an idea of what we encounter on a daily basis. Arrowshooter mentioned the gap between hearing and understanding….that’s so critical and why we cant keep up.
People do think we are rude…and stupid also. I want others to see my hearing aids but, because my hair is on the long side, they are not always visible. I’ve worn a button that says “Please face me I lip read “ to social events. Wasn’t noticed by the majority and I’ll never forget one women who glanced at it and scuttled away from me. I’m self conscious wearing it but was thinking of pinning it to my bag when I’m out. I think that I will do that this weekend at my daughter in laws 50th birthday party….I know it will be noisy and I know a lot of the people but still….it might make more aware.

Regards from FL Mary

Please understand that we may not have heard you say anything to then let you know that we are deaf to some degree. lol

I think others do too. They don't like being asked to repeat. I'm made many such requests and people's responses are all over the map. When my wife says something (from another room or not facing me) I ask her "what?". And she replies "Oh I was talking to the dog" or "I was talking to myself". I have explained too many times to her how to talk to me to the point where it is a sore issue. I've had her come with me to the audiologist for the same discussion. She will never "get" it. It is a "spouse" thing.

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