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Substandard Psychiatric help in Washington State

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I'm at the point of needing to make a change as to where I live but the big question is where to go.. As you know Washington state ranks near the bottom of all the states when it comes to a bed availability in a Behavioral Health Hospital in a crisis. I have put off going to the ER in the past because there are only 22 beds at the place I prefer to go when I get into depression trouble that being Swedish Hospital Ballard Campus. Most of the time there simply are no beds available and there is a big chance of being be sent to Fairfax which for me being in an over crowded, rowdy facility is exactly what I don't need.
As far as Harborview goes I have a ban on inpatient care there not because I caused a problem but because they keep pushing a year long DBT program on me. It is not for me I have already tried it and the anxiety was just too much and I do not have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality.
I have a copy of the investigative article in the Seattle Times about Fairfax Hospital and hopefully there will be some changes made but I really doubt it. No one should have to suffer when they are asking for help that is why I made the post on the Mayo Clinic site originally. I had someone who was willing to fly to Rochester Mn with me but I was told their inpatient program was only for residents of the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. I'm was not asking for a favor I always pay my own way but that is the way it is.
I really hope things work out for you as you said every life is important.

John J

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@minneapolis123 Every life is important. I live in Minnesota and we have a shortage here too. I have not found anywhere that does not have a shortage; however, that does not mean it is impossible to get in. The Mayo psychiatric area of the hospital is one of the best in the country. As far DBT goes, it is one of the most used programs across the country. Do you think that you might be able to find a program you can do at home? There are booklets and videos that teach DBT. Have you been able to try different mental health professionals to look for someone who is better able to help you. We are all different, but for me the best was to get my meds right. Have you tried journaling to see if you can see if there is something common to your anxiety attacks? Maybe an event or food or drink or person? Have you tried a social worker? Sometimes a social worker may point you to programs that will help someone in your situation. I hope you can use something out of these suggestions to help you. Please keep in touch and do not give up. We are all here empathizing with you because we have been there ourselves. Just when I thought there were no answers, things started going right.

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