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He was on on Keppra for 18 months (full dose for 12 months and half does for 6 months) and stopped 6 weeks ago. He has had multipe EEGs, doctors have confirmed nothing suspicious in any of them, and have given no specific diagnosis. His last seizure was in March of 2018, and the seizures then consisted of lost speech, speaking nonsense, eyes rolling back, and shaking. This new episode he had the other day was the only one that consisted of the bright light & sweating. Thank you in advance for your help!

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I can’t help but wonder if the discontinuation of the Keppra 6 weeks ago played a role in his latest seizure. Close to half of seizure patients have Post-Ictal headaches. His apparent normal EEG’s don’t mean he doesn’t have a seizure disorder. Even if he had a seizure hours prior to the EEG recording any electrical seizure activity would be very rare. Approximately half of all EEG’s in seizure patients are normal even though these patients have seizures. Many have seizure activity without experiencing obvious seizure symptoms. I’m assuming your son’s EEG’s were Routine office ones. For more definitive results a sleep deprived EEG where the person stays up the night before the test or maybe an Ambulatory EEG that records all day and night, perhaps longer, or the gold standard Video Telemetry, EEG and video for a few days to a week or so should be the most beneficial.
Perhaps someone on these Epilepsy Forums will have some ideas.

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