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Accepting Your Symptoms

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Nov 21, 2019 | Replies (15)

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@lisalucier thank you i will read that article! for me the symptoms right now are insomnia (waking up between 330-4 every day), lots of sweating, lots of anxiety, loss of appetite, crying at the drop of hat, inability to focus on things i enjoy or work..all the typical good stuff that comes with anxiety and depression i guess :-(, going thru the hell month of getting back on antidepressants. i understand your house anxiety too..for the longest time my wife and i felt guilty about having a home that was too small for our family not a single family home etc etc…caused so much financial stress and pointless striving for more..we finally accepted we are happy where we are and that helped alot.

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@njp1013 – that's helpful to know that the symptoms of depression and anxiety you are trying to accept while you heal are insomnia, sweating, loss of appetite, feeling anxious, crying at the drop of a hat and inability to focus on work or things you enjoy. That's an interesting point that you find it difficult to accept your symptoms at times due to the fear that arises from your symptoms.

Hoping that some of these members might have some tricks/pointers you might use to help you accept your symptoms, like @mandrake70 @cdcc @contentandwell @grandmar @sandij @mommabird74, especially in light of trying to hold it together at work and with your kids.

In all honesty, I think that getting an increase in my dosage of fluoxetine (Prozac), along with time and trying to keep more in control of my thoughts (instead of letting them control me and ruminating on what I was anxious about) also helped me out, along with acceptance.

In addition to trying to accept them, are you finding anything helpful thus far with addressing any of the symptoms you mentioned? Any nights where something helped you sleep longer, for instance?