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Lung nodules and MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 24, 2019 | Replies (10)

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My bronch. Is 10/11. I had one two years ago. No problem. I read too much. It seems that anything over 4mm is considered a mass. I’m in pulmonary rehab which I attend 3 days a week, a fellow rehaber had chemo and radiation for her nodles. I’m hoping it’s just an infection.

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@taya Hi, I was diagnosed with lung nodules from a CT scan back in 2013. At the time, I was never really given an answer to what would cause nodules. I've never had a bronchoscopy, but others on this forum have and say its not so bad. My pulmonary Dr at the time just had me go for a CT scan every year to "watch it". The nodules never fully disappeared, but would "wax and wane". In 2016, when I started coughing up blood, the CT scan showed a nodule that was slightly over 1cm. It was a concern since it was not very large the previous year and then had gotten so big so quickly. I had surgery to have it removed and biopsied. That's when they diagnosed me with MAI/MAC. I started seeing an NTM specialist, who also thinks its best to take a wait and see approach. He also diagnosed me with bronchiectasis. I have not been put on any antibiotics but I do lung clearance exercises, nebulize with saline and sleep on a wedge. I have now been told nodules are also caused by acid reflux, or silent aspiration due to acid reflux. So I try to manage that as best I can; no eating past 6:00 PM, (or wait at least 5 hours after eating to lay down), sleep on a wedge, TRY to avoid foods that cause reflux. I've never heard of having chemo or radiation for nodules. After having radiation for endometrial cancer, I think I would prefer NOT to have radiation on my lungs. Has your Dr given you a reason for the nodules?
Good luck. I hope my long story put you a little bit at ease. LOL.

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