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yes.. I am going to follow thru… will wait to see what my endo has to say. then , I do have an appt at Mayo the end of Oct. so after I get all my info together,, I will present Mayo with my issues. Hopefully, I will get my answers. It is just getting tiring waiting. It has been 11 months. I have been patient.

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That's terrific @mcmurf2. If anyone can find a solution, I would put my money on Mayo. They have the best of the best in all areas, so I suspect they will be able to give you an answer and help you get your eye problem solved. You have been so patient for almost a year, just think that in a few weeks you could have an answer and not be worried about your eye. I hope you will post and keep me informed of your progress. I will be thinking of you with very positive thoughts. Will you let us know when you have a diagnosis for what has been causing all your eye problems?