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Final meeting with surgeon before my revision

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@jk Having been active all my live, the past 14 months of a sedentary lifestyle + unrelenting pain have been really hard on me. I know I'm de-condtioned to the point that I'll probably start my rehab doing very little, and walking short distances, building up by baby steps. I long to ski (surgeon says OK), play tennis (also OK) and go for *long* walks with my dh. I'm so sorry you're dealing with a femur fracture – did I miss that part of your story? What in the world happened?!

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@babette. It was sort of strange. I had sciatica in my R leg and made the mistake of taking a very long ride (6 hours) and then had to sit for a 2 hours. This is not good for sciatica. The next morning I had incredibly intense pain, literally worse than childbirth, I suddenly felt very light headed from the pain and was heading from the kitchen to the family room to sit and had a Pre-syncope episode – just short of fainting, I did not totally lose consciousness. I did go down on the tile floor and had a “minimally displaced fracture of the greater trochanter of L femur”.
This led me to call my PCP to see if I should have a bone density test. Turns out that my last was in January 2014 and I had osteopenia then. I should have been having density tests every two years and when it got worse been put on one of the medications. No one ever told me that and my PCP dropped the ball. I had the test this week and sure enough, I have somewhat advanced osteoporosis. Frankly I am furious that this was not addressed when it should have been. It it had been and I had been taking bone strengthening medication the fracture may not have happened. I am fortunate that it was not worse.
I think my PCP is a short timer.