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Vaginal Tears/Fissures

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Okay, I have just come from my special PT appointment. I asked my Therapist what to call this type of Therapy exactly and she said it is called, "Pelvic Floor Muscle Physical Therapy". She also wanted me to share her twitter which is @laurameihofer and you can google her or look at her YouTube site to learn more about all of this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcTgM_qYmkZVMS1548I7eFA (google her via Laura Meihofer, LLC). She is excellent at explaining things and very helpful. I also talked to her about lubricants. I know @lioness suggested Vaseline gel but I want to caution you with that because Vaseline can cause infections in the vaginal area. The other Lubricants beside KY Jelly that you could use is Sliguid. Look for lubricants that are water based, Silicone base, or hybrid of those. I typed in Sliquid and a few CVS things popped up so maybe you can review a few of those if KY Jelly is not something you are interested in. I also learned that some people can get a little dry and the friction can cause a sort of worn area like a rug burn especial where there becomes a fold in the tissue. In this instance it is not really a fissure but an area that has become sore and sensitive (just like your skin can get a rug burn and be a bit sore). if this continues to happen and does not heal properly, then yes the tissue can get a little more sensitive and easier to injure. These are just suggestions and food for thought. I would continue to consult with your doctor and if necessary get a second opinion. Their exam should provide more information and be able to diagnose this issue for you better. I had never heard of this type of Physical Therapy before myself until about 3 years ago. Even so I didn't really know that much about it until I was sent to it myself. Hope you find some helpful information in all of this. Take care and never stop searching for answers. You deserve it ! I know the right doctor can make a huge difference.

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How is the pelvic floor therapy going for you, @mri8191? I think I'm in the minority, but I "failed" that type of PT! I would move the wrong muscles or move them the wrong way (e.g., in, instead of out) a lot, not on purpose. What an odd place to be uncoordinated, but that was the case with me.